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Mildred's Meadows Farm

Naturally and humanely raised pork and poultry

-   Hog Shares  -

Our pork is also available for purchase in shares.

We will bring the animal to our processor or yours; whichever is most convenient for you!

Whole share pigs  are anticipated to dress out at about 180-200lbs. The price per lb on the dressed weight of a whole hog share is $3/lb. Depending on what parts you want you will be looking at 120-150lbs of finished product. Scalded and scraped pigs produce more skin, fat, bones, feet, ears, etc. than skinned pigs.  Butcher fees for bacon, cuts, and ground sausage generally range from $125-$160 per pig. Cured Hams and link sausage are processed at additional cost. Here is a link to our cut sheets and processor pricing. The links below will also help explain yields and cuts. Please call or message us with any questions!

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